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Berklee School of Music Urban Service Award
Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston Community Impact Award

1.  Email us at:
We’ll schedule a convenient time to pick up your instrument.
3.  We’ll repair it, set it up, and clean it at our expense.
4.  We’ll help donate it to a child through one of our music charity partners or it will be used in a music education program for kids.
5.  You receive a charitable receipt directly from the charity.

Acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, amps and now (by popular demand) keyboards as well! Note: we also help to set up and donate new and like-new instruments.

HOW WE WORK is not a charity itself. We simply restore donated instruments back to “like new” condition and then work with local music-based charities to identify kids who can use them. Most donations are given directly to underserved children. Others go to support the music youth programs of community organizations. All of the donations receipts go directly back to the original donors of the instruments. does not accept any monetary donations. If we are unable to place a donated instrument (very rare!), we let the owner know and will arrange to return it. 

We work with a variety of charities and local organizations to identify talented children who could benefit from owning their own instrument. We also help to repair some of the instruments used by these music programs. Our partners include:

I am Michael Hemment and this is a family project that I launched with my kids in September 2017. We love to repair instruments from our home workshop in Newton, Massachusetts. Giving guitars a “second life” and donating them to kids in need is our small way of giving back.

A note about timingSome items may take several weeks to repair and donate if parts need to be ordered or the damage is extensive. Severely damaged instruments may be beyond our ability to fix. In these cases, we will let you know and you have the option of: 1) having the instrument returned to you or 2) allowing us to salvage the instrument for parts for future repairs. We typically fix and donate items within a couple of weeks.

Visit us on Facebook to view some recently donated items!

Owning an instrument is special experience for a child, and markedly different than owning a toy or game. There is a sense of pride and responsibility that come with holding one’s own guitar, keyboard or trumpet. Instruments quickly become trusted companions, and with proper instruction, they can promote a process of life-long learning, self-discovery, and self-expression. Many great musicians recall getting their first instrument as being a defining moment in their lives.

Research at Boston College, the University of Kansas, the University of Toronto at Mississauga, and other institutions, shows that children who study music in their early years perform better academically (particularly in math and English) and have improved spatial-temporal skills. The performance aspect of music also helps them to develop self-confidence and an ability to work collaboratively with others.

Finally, we want to support the wonderful work of our music charity partners! These are amazing programs with dedicated individuals who make a difference in the lives of countless kids everyday.